Facing Death for Sharing Christ

In 1525, William Tyndale published the first English translation of the Bible. He went back to the original Greek to translate the New Testament for English readers.

There was only one problem. An English version of the Bible was forbidden by the Roman Catholic Church and the King of England. Tyndale lived in Germany at the time, but copies of the Bible soon found their way into his native country. He remained exile for 10 years.

Finally, in 1535, Tyndale was betrayed. He was arrested and sent to the Netherlands to stand trial under the authority of the Roman Catholic Church. They tried and convicted him. As a result of his "crime," he was tied to a stake and then strangled to death. After his death, his body was burned.

Tyndale did nothing wrong. He simply made God's word available for English speaking people to read. For that, Tyndale faced death.

We have a hard time with stories like this. We want to think that God will intervene and spare people who do good things f…

The Source of Information

Today is a good day to simply get things done, Pisces. Take care of the annoying tasks that have been accumulating. You have a great opportunity to accomplish a lot. People are less concerned with frivolous drivel and gossip than they are with setting a plan to meet an important goal. Contribute to this trend by getting serious about the tasks at hand. 

I took this from a real horoscope website. Notice the simple phrases and words that can be interpreted in any number of ways? Yeah, that's the hallmark of horoscopes. They are written in such a way that you can interpret them to come true.

We spend a lot of time and energy on reading and interpreting signs. We wants our dreams analyzed. We see events in our lives as meaningful signs that direct our paths. We even pray for signs of what to do.

But how often do we seek revelation from sources other than God and his word? We do it all the time. We ask our friends, our neighbors, our family, our doctors and even social media to giv…

Rejoicing over an EKG

"Sir, your EKG had a funny result and we need you to go to the hospital to have another EKG done."

That was not the best phone call of my life.

Last week, I went to the doctor for an ear problem. I came out of the visit with a blood pressure problem. While at the doctors, my blood pressure shot up and that became the chief concern of all the medical people in the office.

The poked and prodded. They asked lots of questions. They drew blood. They took an EKG. Then they sent me on my merry way. It was while at the pharmacy, picking up medicine for my ear, that the phone rang and the above sentence was spoken.

Let me tell you, in that moment, when I was told to go to the hospital for a heart test, I didn't exactly jump for joy. I wasn't thanking God or rejoicing in my hardship. In fact, I was scared. I have a wife and two young children. As I drove to the hospital, all I could think about was a potential surgery or a major heart issue.

I sat in the waiting room almost i…

One Big Pile of Poop


How Committed Are You

Commitment is hard.

Just look at statistics on marriage and jobs. You'll find that in America, at least, we are increasingly a culture that does not like to commit. Co-habitation is on the rise while marriage is in decline. People frequently have two or three careers in the course of their lifetime.

Our faith, though, requires great commitment. It means sticking with it in good times and in bad. A committed believe does not walk way when things get messy. They don't look around to see where else they can go.

In Philippians 2:12-18, Paul talks about working out our salvation with fear and trembling. What he means here is that our faith requires hard work if we're going to keep it for the long haul. Faith in Christ requires a commitment to see things through, even if we don't like what is going on.

A committed believe is committed to their faith and to their church. They plug into a local body, serve the body, tithe to the body, and seek to grow the kingdom of Jesus thr…

A Holy Flashlight

You ever step on a LEGO? Man, those things hurt.

I have a house with kids. We have toys all over the place and sometimes they don't get completely picked up. Since I'm the last one to go to bed, I have to turn out all the lights and make my way to the bedroom in the dark. I, inevitably, will step on a toy, usually a small, painful one like a LEGO.

Boy, does it hurt. I will grab my foot, hop on one leg to the couch or chair, and quickly make sure I have punctured a major artery. I'm embellishing a bit, but you get the point. Those small little toys can become large stumbling blocks in the dark.

So, I use my flashlight to illuminate the path. More accurately, I turn my phone into a flashlight to navigate in the dark. It casts light onto the floor so I can see where I'm walking. It helps me to avoid the tiny, but painful, toys in my path that can make me fall, stumble, and be distracted by the pain.

In Psalm 119:105-112, the Psalmist writes about that. He calls God's…

Don't Let Fear Stop You

What is Alpha?

That's a very good question that I cannot give a very good answer to. Alpha is a program which teaches spiritual truths, but does so through a video series and small group interactions. It's not your traditional Bible study. It is more organic in the conversations it starts.

And, initially, it was something I was afraid of.

You see, as people, we are reluctant to try new things. We can be very set in our ways. We like our schedules, our tastes, our pace of life and our ways of doing things. A church is made up of people, so you can only magnify that reluctance. Churches tend to be places based on traditions and by-laws and the way it has always been done. In some ways, churches fear change because it is different and to some people, different is bad.

So when I first had the opportunity to start Alpha at our church, I was hesitant. I feared it failing. I feared this new way of teaching. I feared bad theology. I feared the ramifications if this thing went off the…